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Our Academy

America’s Top Model Academy is dedicated to building and developing kids, teens and adults to become outstanding leaders in the modelling industry. We make our experience count in equipping our students with the knowledge, substantial enough to bring out the best in them. The selfless attitude of our experts in different fields makes it possible for our academy to produce graduates well-equipped to stand-out as professional in the future. Our strong foundation aids our persistent and significant contribution to the modelling industry as regarding production of high potential graduates capable of taking the industry to the next level.

To a non-specialist, modelling is just walking with style, but to America’s Top Model Academy, modelling requires a lot of training to make you understand the difference. With the help of our professionals, we believe our training will go a long way to shape kids, teens and adults to be an experience modelling personnel able to show the world what differentiate modelling from walking. At America’s Top Model Academy, our ultimate goal is to help every student realize their hidden potential and personality. From self-image, temperament, courage to confidence through intensive practice and learning. This is a full and integral training for life!

What makes us unique among other academies is being in possession of qualified professional trainers in different fields with many years of experience, and they are passionate about teaching our students Confidence and Modelling Course that helps them become sought-after professionals in the future. Our confidence and model training team include: Professional fashion models, Professional image consultants, Professional make-up artists, Modern etiquette and communication expert & Professional photographer, wardrobe planning etc.

Does the above align with your career goal? If yes, saddle America’s Top Model Academy with the responsibility to make your dreams come true. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to learn more and join our growing community.


Our Success

Experienced in discovering and forming beauty. It is enough to remember that she has discovered 4 Queens from her academy located in Toronto, Canada. Proof of this are Gabriela Martinez de la Fuente, Miss Canada Latina 2015 and semi-finalist in the contest Miss Latin America of the World, Arianna Laya Garcia Miss Teen Canada Globe 2015 (best runway, best bikini body, 1st finalist in the National Costume Competition and Miss Elegance), also 3rd finalist in the international Miss Princess of the world contest.

Daniela Marzana, Miss Bolivia Canada 2017 and 1st finalist in the Miss Canada Latina national pageant. Wendy Valdez Miss Canada Latina 2017 and semi-finalist in the international pageant Miss America Latina of the World. Among other alumni who stand out in the world of fashion and television.

Academy Founder / Ninela Sánchez

Venezuelan born, proud Canadian, Ninela Sanchez displayed a love of the stage, acting and performance at the age of three. Her first beauty pageant was Miss Kid Venezuela obtaining the titles as ‘Miss kid Venezuela’ and ‘Miss Petite Venezuela.’ She paved the way for Venezuelan in the American market of children’s pageantry. She then won the tittle Miss Canada Latina in 2014 and represented Canada in Miss Latin America of the World, and Miss Tourism; placing semi-finalist in both international pageants. Ninela also came semi-finalist in Miss Universe Canada 2016. As an actress, model and dancer she appeared in countless magazines, over 20 commercials, 6 of which were aired nationally, TV Series for Univision Canada and has performed at several charitable events.

Ninela has taken her passion for film/television/fashion and pageantry to another level. She has hosted for the most important TV Channel in the Latin industry; Univision Canada for the “Hola” & “With you in the community” segments, as well acted live for seasons 1 & 2 of TV kids show “My name is Ripley”.  She now owns her Talent Academy “Americas Top Model Academy”, a Pageant coach and is the owner of MTUC INC Productions, which produces Miss Teen Universe Canada and Miss Canada Latina. She graduated from Sheridan College with an advance diploma in “Business administration Marketing” and has a certificate in Public Speaking and communications.

Ninela also carries a diploma from Giselle Reyes- International Modeling Beauty School; where she successfully learned, what today she puts in practise with her students/models. Lastly, Ninela has been presented in 2017 by the government of Canada the “RBC Top 25 influential immigrant in Canada”, due to all her significant success she has conquered at very short age.

Academy Corporate Values


In the development of our work, we work under the principle of good faith, ethics and respect towards our clients and competitors, responding to our clients, parents and models with what was promised.


For each one of our employees, models, our clients and suppliers. We believe in being tolerant and having an integral conduct in our commercial and interpersonal relationships. We are always seeking harmony in our interpersonal, work/labour and commercial relationships.


We work seriously, in consequence with our duties and rights as associates, in accordance with our commitments to the legal & rights of the business educational conduct of Canada.


We deliver on our promise by offering the best products and services at a fair and reasonable price.


With the contribution of all those involved in the different processes of The business educational conduct of Canada; we seek the achievement of organizational objectives.

Our Teachers

Meet our amazing teachers

Our highly trained professional instructors encourages our Models to improve their technique during every class.

Dr. Jeannette Ruiz

Health & Recovery

Dr. Etna Acevedo

Nutritionist and health professional

Andrea Gallo

Etiquette Protocol

Cecilia Salcedo

Wardrobe Planning

Elizabeth Bravo


Kelly Brito

Wardrobe & Stylist

Keyla Letanno

Runway and Skin care

Natalia Alarcon

Make Up

Nataly Ibanez

Make Up and Hair Stylist

Rosemary Sanchez

Public Speaking & Personal Development

Renzo Garcia

Stage presence & Health

Mauricio Jimenez


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