Your walk to success is with America’s Top Model Academy
“Where models, are the example of excellence & talent”

America’s Top Model Academy is dedicated to building and developing kids, teens and adults to become outstanding leaders in the modelling industry. We make our experience count in equipping our students with the knowledge, substantial enough to bring out the best in them.

The selfless attitude of our experts in different fields makes it possible for our academy to produce graduates well-equipped to stand-out as professional in the future.

Our strong foundation aids our persistent and significant contribution to the modelling industry as regarding production of high potential graduates capable of taking the industry to the next level.

Academy Corporate Values


In the development of our work, we work under the principle of good faith, ethics and respect towards our clients and competitors, responding to our clients, parents and models with what was promised.


For each one of our employees, models, our clients and suppliers. We believe in being tolerant and having an integral conduct in our commercial and interpersonal relationships. We are always seeking harmony in our interpersonal, work/labour and commercial relationships.


We work seriously, in consequence with our duties and rights as associates, in accordance with our commitments to the legal & rights of the business educational conduct of Canada.


We deliver on our promise by offering the best products and services at a fair and reasonable price.


With the contribution of all those involved in the different processes of The business educational conduct of Canada; we seek the achievement of organizational objectives.

Our Courses, Personalized classes & Services.  

Our classes are specialized in different age group category in order for our students to develop their image & presentation techniques in the right structure phases.



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