How to Exercise at Home During Coronavirus Outbreak

There are many reasons you may want to avoid the gym. With the recent coronavirus pandemic, many people are concerned about going to the gym, while others simply want to maintain an exercise regime while they may have limited ability to travel outside their homes. What's more difficult is figuring out what to do. How do you set up an effective
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Become a MONAT Influencer

#influencer #MONATInfluencer #SocialMarketing Build your social media brand, a huge network of people, grow personally and professionally! With MONAT- Modern nature, you will get paid 5x a month, WEEKLY! It’s a life changing opportunity that you cannot miss out! At America’s Top Model Academies, our models are INFLUENCERS of this great brand! A truly changing opportunity! Write to us today! Watch this
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How To Make a 10×10 Capsule Wardrobe

Whether you’re travelling or want to push your capsule to the limit…  A 10×10 capsule wardrobe? You’ve heard this schtick from me before. 10 items freshly picked from your wardrobe that you fashion into 10 different outfits. A concept originally started by Style Bee, that I’ve really got into over the past year. Fancy giving it go? Here’s my guide on when to
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Luxirious Makeup Routine

It might seem crazy that even after eating a shoal of fish, necking water and applying various chemical exfoliants and luminous lotions to my skin, that I still have to increase the wattage even more with illuminating makeup products – but that my friends, is the life of an extremely dehydrated person. In terms of primers, you can’t go wrong
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The Glowy Skin Recipe : Life, Skincare & Makeup

A true glow only comes from within (or sweating profusely), however a combination of the right skincare helps me fake it till I make it. I won’t bore you with every single tiny detail of my current routine (if you want that, watch this video), instead I’m breaking it down to the top players who really are the MVPs of the
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